My mom has two mats on her kitchen floor. One is smooth and soft, and the other one is bubbly and feels really cool on my feet!

– Christopher, 8-year old boy  (Source:  Customer Letter)

I have a fairly large extended family and we get together often for holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc. I really love to cook for the 25+ people in my family but by days end my feet ache so much that I have to take a pain reliever. Since I got my Stand Longer Floormat, I can cook all day without any of the pain that I used to experience. I wouldn’t give my mat up for anything!

Jennifer: Mother of 2, sister to 3, aunt to 12, daughter and family cook (Source: Facebook)

My favorite part of the weekend is when I get to spend time in my workshop, but being on my feet for a long time can take the fun out of my hobby. My Stand Longer Mat lets me work as long as I want, without thinking even once of my feet hurting. Plus it looks great in my shop! THANKS Stand Longer, for helping me make the most of my free time!

Jon, Part-Time Tinkerer (Source: Facebook)