What is the difference between an anti-fatigue mat and an ergonomic mat?
Anti-fatigue mats provide a cushion which alleviates some of the discomfort caused by standing for an extended period of time. Ergonomic mats are specifically engineered to work with the human body to alleviate the specific conditions which cause both occasional and chronic pain caused by prolonged standing.

How does an ergonomic mat work.
The point of a true ergonomic mat is to stimulate circulation, particularly in the legs and lower back, which oxygenates and nourishes muscles to delay or eliminate the onset of fatigue caused by a standing posture.

Where are your mats manufactured?
All of our polyurethane graphic mats are proudly manufactured in the USA. Certain other mats for wet areas are produced in Europe and the shower mat is from South Korea.

Do you have dedicated Customer Service personnel who I can call for answers to specific questions?
Yes, if you call 844.770.2048 between 8:30am and 5:00pm M-F (Eastern Time Zone), you will be able to speak with someone who will be more than happy to assist you. At other times, we are just a click away (info@globalsalesinnovation.com).

Can I obtain mats in custom sizes?
Yes, several of the mat styles we offer can be provided in any shape and size. In order to clarify the limitations, it advisable that you contact Customer Service at 844.770.2048

What should I do if my order exceeds 51 lbs?
Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 844.770.2048 to receive the best shipping rates.