Health Benefits

When talking about the benefits of Stand Longer it’s important to describe the body in its entirety, working fluidly as a machine, rather than focusing on individual parts.   After all, the human body is very impressive; your bodies’ systems are constantly working together, muscles contracting, neurons firing, all allowing us to survive and carry out the actions that define our lifestyles. 

We would like to encourage you to think about what your body does when it’s tired from standing for an elongated period of time.  Your feet get tired, your legs and knees get tired, soon you begin shifting your weight from one foot to another.  While this might seem like the natural thing to do, our research has found that this actually creates a lot of strain on your back, joints, tendons, and muscles while also having an effect on your vascular system which is our bodies way of transporting blood and oxygen throughout the system. 

Stand Longer’s unique, patented surface profile provides just the right amount of support you need without sacrificing comfort.  This allows you to stand in a healthier position for a longer period of time.  In turn, this improves your blood flow, allowing both your muscles and brain to receive the oxygen they need to keep you alert, focused, and agile.  Furthermore, maintaining good posture helps to keep your back aligned and saves your knees and feet the added strain from constantly shifting your weight.